Build Expo Jamaica will be hosting its inaugural conference from June 9-11, 2017. Implicitly, companies in the Caribbean region are aware that this Exposition is a way to showcase their products and services, bring more attention to their businesses, learn the most updated tech in the world in their area of construction and make every attempt tonetwork with other companies for future collaboration or projects that they may have in the future. They recognize that this is a great chance to come together in an attempt to learn and perhaps at some later date utilize the technologies out there in their own construction projects. This is why, this, our first post is directed to all the home owners, small businesses and anyone with a small project or planning for an upcoming one.

There are many challenges today facing the Small construction project owner. Economic challenges, the easy and convenient availability of a large variety of construction materials and during the construction, the issues that present themselves can become game changers and alter the entire course of the project time-wise or the actual finished product. In this region however, one of the biggest challenges is choosing an appropriate project manager.

There are a very large number of people in the region who consistently make their living from the Construction industry. Many however, are unskilled workers. In fact, it is estimated that in Jamaica, there are far more unskilled than skilled construction workers within the country. This is not a unique phenomenon. In fact, large countries like the US are experiencing the same concerns. Even more concerning is the fact that the number of young people who are interested in entering the profession is falling rapidly. This leaves the construction overall to unskilled immigrant workers. Anyway, back to home, here in Jamaica many people give home and small projects to the undeclared construction worker. The man who has demonstrated the ability to put up a structure but has no real proof of certification and proper training. This in turn leads to many problems. A few of which are:

  • The inability to properly provide a suitable costing for the project
  • Inability to estimate ( with any level of accuracy) the amount of materials required
  • Multiple errors and turn-backs during construction
  • Very low or No problem solving skills.

The unskilled construction worker usually gives a very low cost estimate and worker fee, however, by the end of the project the number of turn-backs and errors would have skyrocketed the cost beyond that of the larger estimate provided by the certified contractor for the job. It is easy, in this era of high construction costs to go to the cheaper and in many cases unskilled worker. However, cheaper is not better in all cases; the unskilled worker is one such case.

So what is the conclusion of all this? While we here at Build Expo Jamaica cannot tell you who to use in your home projects, we are more than happy to host you at the conference from June 9 – June 11, 2017. We will be inviting companies from all over the Caribbean region to be a part of the Expo. So if you have a small project and need to find the right people to do it, we welcome you to Build Expo & Conference 2017. All Caribbean Nationals are encouraged to attend and if you are from other quarters traveling through Jamaica during the time of the Expo, it would be a great idea to visit with us. Who knows? You might get to know a company from your neck of the woods.